I never understood why human interaction became so unnatural. Is it so hard for individuals to exchange interaction when seen in public? Among my college career I have witnessed on various accounts people who were either coworkers or roommates that refused to make eye contact, or exchange hellos upon seeing me in public. I often wondered what caused this disparity. Was it due to my race, gender, or social setting? Was something wrong with me? I often took these accounts personally as if I wasn’t good enough to be acknowledged in public, or something crazy right? After much reconciliation with myself, I realized I’m not the problem at all. I was never the problem. People who are afraid to speak in public suffer from a deeper social issue. They are afraid to be themselves. They have insecurities with who they are, not the other way around. Some people try very hard to fit in with a norm, that they never fully shape their true identity. I used to let social disparities discourage me, and make me overthink, but these accounts truly made me realize that I know who I am, and I’m truly finding myself. I am not afraid to speak to people of different races or social classes because I am secure in my being. I am not trying to fit in with a group of people to define me. This social occurrence has truly revealed to me there are billions of people who have not even been introduced to their true selves because they are too busy masking themselves to fit into a society that has no value. Continue being true to yourself, smile at those people even when they are truly afraid to smile back at you. In actuality they need true love, so pray for these people. They are afraid to love themselves truthfully. 
Your truth is your light.