Facing fears 

We as humans are so afraid to look into ourselves. Living in an individualistic society we aim each day to please the desires of our flesh but are afraid to confront the depths of our soul. We try to ignore the things inside of us that are flawed and are in need of desperate attention. We try to cover up the truth with lies and despair. We make excuses for our actions and justify our mistakes. Soon enough we grow victim to ourselves falling short of our full potential. Then there comes a time when we just can’t take the lies anymore. The pain of our affliction becomes too much to bare. We then have to stand up and stare in the mirror and face ourselves. Face the truth. We have to strip ourselves of everything that covers us up from our truth. We have to scalpel out all of the toxic waste that we’ve allowed to accumulate over time, and excavate it from our souls. We have to stop thinking about personal pleasure and start thinking about self development. We have to weed out all of the things that trigger us to walk off course, & realign our soul to our inner light. We have to grow up and face our fears. We have to let go of the pass to allow good to come in our future. Don’t be afraid to let go of yourself in order to gain your true self. Don’t ever be afraid to face your biggest fears, they will be your biggest accomplishments.


Ashes burn as I inhale your scornful words, your judgements slurs. Your eyes cut into my soul, as I try to avoid your stare. Your neglect ignites the fire that burns in my pores, as I try to put it out. The smoke clouds my surroundings as you confuse my soul, into playing your dirty games. I try to put you out with anything I can find. I stop, drop, and roll to stop the fire that attaches to my skin. I run and run away from your toxins as I find my cool deep cave of serenity and peace. I shall hide there until the fire is out. I shall find my peace and water the hot ground. I inhale your poison yet my lungs work their hardest to push you out. I fall to the ground with exhaustion, but never shall I gain defeat for I have watered the very ground you set on fire. 

Natural Disaster 

Ever feel like your emotional life is this hurricane, and you are trying desperately to stay above water? Recently I have dealt with this natural disaster with no where to turn. I feel like I have sunken into this dark abyss with no one to save me, but the plot twist is that I have to save myself. Often times we place our emotional situations on other people for hurting us or neglecting us. The real deal is that we have full control over who we choose to love, and how they can affect our lives. We hold all the power to our emotions, and most times all we have to do is guard and cherish who we bring into our atrium. Our heart is sacred, it has many functions and abilities. We have to be aware of the dysfunctional activity that may occur if we allow our emotions to rule over our sanity. A healthy heart is one with the mind and body. When you make emotional decisions without consulting your mind, you will lead yourself into your own natural disaster. When you see a disaster coming your way, stop and prepare yourself for what is about to come. You know how certain people or things affect you, and you have the power to block or shield anything that is not in your best interest. You don’t have to choose to be hurt, sad, depressed, or confused. You have the power to rid yourself of anything that is of harm to you. Disasters may come your way but you have free will to avoid them. You are strong enough to fight against the tides of the waves. You have the power to choose your true happiness. Sometimes you have to take a step back and dig deep inside to figure out what your heart really needs! Natural disasters are not pleasant, but they can remold and restructure an entire place. Sweep your life of all your confusion and disaster. Listen to your heart and mind as one.