It’s that time of the year again! School has begun, and it’s time to get back focused on those books! It’s very difficult to go from hanging out all summer, to organized time slots, & all those assignments. You keep reminding yourself that it is all worth it and you’re one step closer to your goal! Well that’s what I’m telling myself at least, going into my last year of college. It hasn’t been easy but it gets to a point where you just want to do your absolute best. This is the time where you prove that you can do ANYTHING you put your mind to. Sometimes we go through obstacles to strengthen ourselves, once we’ve struggled for a length of time, we realize that we don’t want to continue down the same path. You ask yourself what can I do differently this time. How can I better myself? Each semester brings about an opportunity for improvement, to prove to yourself your capabilities. Don’t dread going into the work/school week, change your mindset as to how you can shine through everything you are assigned. SHINE this school year! Prove to yourself you are a winner! It takes a lot of hard work and time but it is worth showing yourself how great you are!