This is 

All I can do in this part of my life is write, write until my hands bleed. Record the trials and tribulations I’m facing. I’m starting to see that right now is my prime. I have a story to tell. I have people waiting to connect with. This is the time my imperfections are turned into creations. Innovation is beneath my fingertips. I’m ready to embrace my struggle and write to the world all about. I’m ready to reach deep down inside of myself and pull out all of the gifts embedded in me. This is the time to be a writer. This is the time to create a story worth telling. 



I’m here today, I’m alive and well. For some that’s the hardest thing to be able to make it to the next day. I guess I’m grateful for this moment of writing to you. Life gets you to a place of feeling dull and incomplete sometimes . Yet today right this second, I thank God for peace. Peace of being able to breathe. Peace of not worrying about the next second. And what’s to come thereafter. I think I get lost in the future. I’m just waiting and waiting to get to that peak, but I’m starting to figure out that the beauty is in the anticipation, the let downs, the funny moments, the painful moments. We just have to enjoy every part of it. Fight to find joy in every dull moment. I’m learning we have to stop making expectations and allow God to lead us on the journey. I’ve realized I’m not perfect, I’m so far from it yet I still aim to be all I can be. Sigh  I just want to be one of those people who get the meaning of life. So many people make life into what they can most likely see, but I feel there is soooo much more to know, to experience, to understand. I’m searching..

Facing fears 

We as humans are so afraid to look into ourselves. Living in an individualistic society we aim each day to please the desires of our flesh but are afraid to confront the depths of our soul. We try to ignore the things inside of us that are flawed and are in need of desperate attention. We try to cover up the truth with lies and despair. We make excuses for our actions and justify our mistakes. Soon enough we grow victim to ourselves falling short of our full potential. Then there comes a time when we just can’t take the lies anymore. The pain of our affliction becomes too much to bare. We then have to stand up and stare in the mirror and face ourselves. Face the truth. We have to strip ourselves of everything that covers us up from our truth. We have to scalpel out all of the toxic waste that we’ve allowed to accumulate over time, and excavate it from our souls. We have to stop thinking about personal pleasure and start thinking about self development. We have to weed out all of the things that trigger us to walk off course, & realign our soul to our inner light. We have to grow up and face our fears. We have to let go of the pass to allow good to come in our future. Don’t be afraid to let go of yourself in order to gain your true self. Don’t ever be afraid to face your biggest fears, they will be your biggest accomplishments.

I try not to be self centered.

I try to listen more than I speak. 

I try to conform.

I am tired of trying. 

I am tired of acting this role. 

I want to be self evolved for a moment.

I want to focus on becoming all I can be.

I want to be  meet the true person that’s inside of me. 

I want to be free.

I want to strictly rely on me.

I ..

Peace be still

Sometimes we get so wrapped up in day to day quarrels with ourselves, that we forget to stop our mind from racing to appreciate the blessings right in front of us. As humans we tend to rush, rush, rush everything. “Lose 10 pounds in 3 days!”, says the magazine article. Or “Get a car loan in less that 1 minute!”, says the advertisement prompting. Everything in this virtual reality makes us want to speed up every process in our life, when some moments are meant to take time to process and appreciate. Peace is a mindset. It is clear and concise. It is a thinking process that is not rushed by the demands of the world. You have to make time for peace. It may be easier said than done due to our stressful reality of making ends meet, but peace is right in front of us waiting to bring us joy. We just have to turn our minds on auto pilot, & forget the worries of the world. ! It’s a thing called peace. Peace can offer us so much joy. Discover your peace.