I am fighting for my life

Fighting for the right to be free

I’ve been kicked and bruised 

Misused and abused

By my own confliction

I have sunken to an all time low

Wishing desperately for growth 

I am my own vice 

Fighting for virtue in this life

I keep falling

I keep trying to get back up again 

Only to fall back on my face

But the bruises of my heart will repair

I will not continue to be in dispair 

I will rise to the occasion

I will not be phased by your persuasion

I see the light it shines bright

Ready to illuminate my soul 

New beginnings I shall forego 

I choose a path of growth 

I can no longer be in conflict with my soul 



healthy mind= healthy body


Working out isn’t the easy task to complete in our busy chaotic lives, but over the years God has revealed to me how vital it is to become one with mind and body. Recently I fell off track with my normal workout routines, and eating habits. On top of that I caroused in social activities such as drinking. Soon thereafter I began to feel sick and down. This soon led to me feeling resentment for my previous actions. I realized that when you fall off track from seeking your ultimate goal, you retract back to old habits that cause sluggardness, procrastination, sexual immorality, depression, and unhealthy eating habits, and our spirit suffers even more affecting our mind. When our spirit is not being fulfilled due to our distractions, it tends to send us signals through our body such as sickness or stress induced reactions. Long story short, after my pitfall I began to recuperate, and get back on track because I knew I could not soak in misery.When I went back to the gym after a 2 week recession, I gain 15 pounds! I was so shocked, even though I noticed my stomach being bloated from my bad food choices and alcohol. I then told myself I will not go back to this place, of practically poisoning my body excessively after going so long without giving in. I aim for good health, because your body is the shell of the mind and you have to protect its brilliance. It is important that we all aim for our absolute best, and striving for a healthy body that doesn’t consume itself with the filth of the world is the best choice. I know everyone has their setbacks and obstacles, but it is possible to push through to be the best “you”, your mind is capable of.

I try not to be self centered.

I try to listen more than I speak. 

I try to conform.

I am tired of trying. 

I am tired of acting this role. 

I want to be self evolved for a moment.

I want to focus on becoming all I can be.

I want to be  meet the true person that’s inside of me. 

I want to be free.

I want to strictly rely on me.

I ..

Natural Disaster 

Ever feel like your emotional life is this hurricane, and you are trying desperately to stay above water? Recently I have dealt with this natural disaster with no where to turn. I feel like I have sunken into this dark abyss with no one to save me, but the plot twist is that I have to save myself. Often times we place our emotional situations on other people for hurting us or neglecting us. The real deal is that we have full control over who we choose to love, and how they can affect our lives. We hold all the power to our emotions, and most times all we have to do is guard and cherish who we bring into our atrium. Our heart is sacred, it has many functions and abilities. We have to be aware of the dysfunctional activity that may occur if we allow our emotions to rule over our sanity. A healthy heart is one with the mind and body. When you make emotional decisions without consulting your mind, you will lead yourself into your own natural disaster. When you see a disaster coming your way, stop and prepare yourself for what is about to come. You know how certain people or things affect you, and you have the power to block or shield anything that is not in your best interest. You don’t have to choose to be hurt, sad, depressed, or confused. You have the power to rid yourself of anything that is of harm to you. Disasters may come your way but you have free will to avoid them. You are strong enough to fight against the tides of the waves. You have the power to choose your true happiness. Sometimes you have to take a step back and dig deep inside to figure out what your heart really needs! Natural disasters are not pleasant, but they can remold and restructure an entire place. Sweep your life of all your confusion and disaster. Listen to your heart and mind as one.