It’s that time of the year again! School has begun, and it’s time to get back focused on those books! It’s very difficult to go from hanging out all summer, to organized time slots, & all those assignments. You keep reminding yourself that it is all worth it and you’re one step closer to your goal! Well that’s what I’m telling myself at least, going into my last year of college. It hasn’t been easy but it gets to a point where you just want to do your absolute best. This is the time where you prove that you can do ANYTHING you put your mind to. Sometimes we go through obstacles to strengthen ourselves, once we’ve struggled for a length of time, we realize that we don’t want to continue down the same path. You ask yourself what can I do differently this time. How can I better myself? Each semester brings about an opportunity for improvement, to prove to yourself your capabilities. Don’t dread going into the work/school week, change your mindset as to how you can shine through everything you are assigned. SHINE this school year! Prove to yourself you are a winner! It takes a lot of hard work and time but it is worth showing yourself how great you are! 


I never understood why human interaction became so unnatural. Is it so hard for individuals to exchange interaction when seen in public? Among my college career I have witnessed on various accounts people who were either coworkers or roommates that refused to make eye contact, or exchange hellos upon seeing me in public. I often wondered what caused this disparity. Was it due to my race, gender, or social setting? Was something wrong with me? I often took these accounts personally as if I wasn’t good enough to be acknowledged in public, or something crazy right? After much reconciliation with myself, I realized I’m not the problem at all. I was never the problem. People who are afraid to speak in public suffer from a deeper social issue. They are afraid to be themselves. They have insecurities with who they are, not the other way around. Some people try very hard to fit in with a norm, that they never fully shape their true identity. I used to let social disparities discourage me, and make me overthink, but these accounts truly made me realize that I know who I am, and I’m truly finding myself. I am not afraid to speak to people of different races or social classes because I am secure in my being. I am not trying to fit in with a group of people to define me. This social occurrence has truly revealed to me there are billions of people who have not even been introduced to their true selves because they are too busy masking themselves to fit into a society that has no value. Continue being true to yourself, smile at those people even when they are truly afraid to smile back at you. In actuality they need true love, so pray for these people. They are afraid to love themselves truthfully. 
Your truth is your light. 

Peace be still

Sometimes we get so wrapped up in day to day quarrels with ourselves, that we forget to stop our mind from racing to appreciate the blessings right in front of us. As humans we tend to rush, rush, rush everything. “Lose 10 pounds in 3 days!”, says the magazine article. Or “Get a car loan in less that 1 minute!”, says the advertisement prompting. Everything in this virtual reality makes us want to speed up every process in our life, when some moments are meant to take time to process and appreciate. Peace is a mindset. It is clear and concise. It is a thinking process that is not rushed by the demands of the world. You have to make time for peace. It may be easier said than done due to our stressful reality of making ends meet, but peace is right in front of us waiting to bring us joy. We just have to turn our minds on auto pilot, & forget the worries of the world. ! It’s a thing called peace. Peace can offer us so much joy. Discover your peace. 



I think sometimes I put my expectations in the wrong things. I look for happiness in the wrong places. I make decisions irrationally at times knowing my outcome. I forget that I can create my own reality, my own sanctuary of happiness. I expect things to be a certain way by relying on people to create the outcome I want, but rest assured I can create these images I view in my head, on my own. Stop expecting things to go your way, & make them go your way. 



Self love is discovery of your true being,

We don’t realize who we are until we tap into our higher selves,

We don’t find peace until we are one with our mind, the earth and its people, 

We don’t create until we break down our barriers to share our creativity,

We can’t love ourselves unless we isolate our minds from distraction,

We underestimate the impact of which the mind focuses on,

For everyone should be seeking self development,

For the more we focus on the world’s interest the less we gain our true soul, 

Loving the self centers your entire world, for how can you love someone else without seeking yourself first.

Letting Go

Everyone goes through phases in their life where they are forced to let go. Rather it’s a relationship, addiction, or series of bad habits, everyone battles something to the point of no return. No one said it would be easy, many of us relapse everyday from something we know is no longer serving us. The question is how do we move on? How do we walk forward without looking back. Even I have suffered from issues of letting things go, such as people I’ve grown to love or attach to. Emotional connections are one of the hardest obstacles to move past from. I realize that letting go is definitely for the better. I’m happy and healthier this way no matter how much I try to cling on to the past. So I’ve come to the realization that my past is haunting me, it wants me to continue to feed off of its energy. I can no longer go back and forth with this evil. So what do I do to completely remove this baggage from my life? It’s causing me frustration, sadness, and a bundle of other emotions. I say the first step of letting go is being upfront with yourself. Physically confess to yourself your problem. Next map out how you can gain power to defeat this issue. Many people underestimate their ability of willpower, already hindering themselves from conquering their fears. Another step is realizing that letting go does not happen overnight. It is something that takes hard work and dedication to defeat. You have to stay committed and consistent with fighting your demon. Whenever your issue tries to attack you smite it down. Never give your issue satisfactory to creep back into your life, sometimes you may get blindsided and give in but once you realize that it isn’t right, get back up again and fight the fight until your demon realizes your are stronger, or at least gaining more strength. I speak in the term of using the “demon” because every obstacle we face in life starts inside, it is an internal influence of some sort. A demon is an entity that aims to destroy you, bring upon negativity energy. So you have to be aware when something does not have good intentions. It took me almost three years to realize that, but everyday I fight harder and harder to let go of things that do not have my best interest. We have to be brave enough to recognize that demon and start attacking it, no matter what form it comes in. Love conquers fear, so you have to love yourself enough to remove toxins from your life. Letting go is a process, each and everyday is a step closer to shedding your old self. Never said it would be easy but with enough confidence and drive you will be able to conquer every obstacle that wants to defeat you, but in this case you’ll be defeating your obstacles.