Drake and Future           Summer 6teen tour

I had a wonderful time seeing drake and future in concert for the very first time! My seat buddies were awesome and I also enjoyed my annoying little sister and her friend as well! One thing I can say is Drake is truly down to earth, he extended the concert longer because he was so connected to the crowd. I had a great experience! 💕

My annoying sister & I
when you find two beautiful girls taller than you!
Poloroids. 😆
Terrible lip singer 😂


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Many people suffer from anxiety and overthinking everyday, I too was a victim of this terrible disease. In this video I will discuss how God’s saving grave cured me from this detrimental war I was having towards myself. Feelings of being alone, worry, doubt, fear, seclusiveness, being anxious, and many more are just some of the characteristics that describe this harmful mental disorder. One thing many people fail to realize is that there are people out there battling the same exact situations, and we want to HELP. You don’t not have to deal with internal issues alone.

Taking A Stand? Or Stay Silent?

​ This past Friday 7/8/16, I had the pleasure of uniting with my family and friends to march downtown Detroit, for the lives that have fallen short due to police brutality. This is a very critical time for our country, coming together as people is the best remedy against hate. 
#AltonSterling #PhilandoCastile & many many more we will never forget your story! ✊🏿